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Noon At Night Publications now represents several indie authors. We can help you take advantage of the new digital environment and POD (print on demand) technologies, and get your projects out into the marketplace.

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today and alwaysToday and Always is an album of songs written for use in worship on various themes. It is a collection which highlights the variety of styles of music that the Rob Krabbe Band is known for. Each week the sermon theme and manuscript would inspire a special song written to respond to the message and build on the theme. This is a collection of such songs from 1999-2001.

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Graphic Design

We have three artists on staff for logo, graphic and "id" design. CLICK HERE to see some of the logos and graphic projects we have been involved in.

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Recent Events

The MiY Diabetes site is about to launch with it’s “Personal Health Assistant” module. A community organized to support you, on a web site designed to help you take your life back from Diabetes.  Check it out at

Leadership: the Art of Empowering

leadership, the art of empowering cover

by Keith Clark and Mike Panther

2ND edition available now!

Great for small groups and workshops for business, non-profits, and churches alike.

Available in PaperBack, and eBook/Kindle and other e book formats. Click PURCHASE to see the opptions, and to purchase the book.


The Legend of

Joe, Willy and Red

by Jared Mcvay

Jared McVay, is a veteran television and film actor, who has been called “The Ultimate Story Teller.”

Join Jared for a runaway train of a story, “The legend of Joe, Willy & Red,” a story of the outrageous thirties - august of 1933 in fact, and the unlikely freindship of three men who choose the hobo trail rather than face the concequences of crimes the were accused of, but did not commit. They find themselves in a harrowing adventure of epic proportion and in a fight for their very survival.

Hacker's Raid

by Jared McVay

HACKER’S RAID is a fast moving page turner of a western, with non-stop action that keeps you asking, “What’s going to happen next.” After a seven year exile, Justin Hacker returns to his hometown of Nogales, Arizona to try to break his younger brother out of a Mexican prison where he awaits the hangman’s noose for crimes he didn’t commit. But first, Justin must overcome certain obstacles - such as a town bully, a Mexican bandito and his gang, an Indian attack, a father who has vowed to shoot him on site should he ever return, and match wits with a maniacal prison warden who hates gringos. And if that isn’t enough, after several twists of fate, Justin leads the whole town back across the border in an attempt to rescue both, his father and uncle from the dreaded Mexican prison where they now await the hangman’s noose.

Beyond the Elastic Limit

by Howard Loring

BEYOND THE ELASTIC LIMIT advances beyond the limit of your imagination with a simple fable of good and evil, imbued with great love and bitter hatred, that weaves with epic proportions throughout the ever-expanding natural stages of normal social development. Amid this backdrop of sweeping external advancement lay those elemental, internal choices that all of us must make if we wish to live a life with true meaning and purpose. Here is a redemptive tale of good people forced to choose between bad options and what happens to them when they do experience these issues at the very core of humanity. Explore through both time and space the very stuff that makes us human and transcend your own conceptions to pass BEYOND THE ELASTIC LIMIT.

Piercing the Elastic Limit

by Howard Loring

PIERCING the ELASTIC LIMIT, the second astounding EPIC FABLE from master storyteller HOWARD LORING, traces the determined actions of the mysterious but compelling ‘Old Man beyond the Portal,’ as he and his redheaded assistant pursue their secretive Mandate to rescue the imperiled planet’s future. A page turning quest spanning the ages, once more this elusive author employs the simple FABLE to reveal a vast and griping EPIC adventure through time and space, portraying with penetrating insight authentic lives of genuine historic figures including Aristocrat Julius Caesar, Writer Christopher Marlowe and Master Musician Robert Schumann, to name but a few. Filled with high intrigue and escalating excitement, this engaging EPIC FABLE surpasses the reader’s imagination yet again, transporting them into a formerly hidden and baffling realm of reality, all by PIERCING the ELASTIC LIMIT.

Featured Authors


Keith Clark and Mike Panther


Mike and Keith have presented seminars on servant leadership to businesses, chambors of commerce, school systems, parishes, and other church groups and other organizations.

They are available to conduct seminars and can be contacted at the eMail addres on the contact page of their web site at www.


Jared Mcvay Photo

Jared McVay

"Not enough room here. Suffice to say, besides being a writer for many years - Stringer for several newspapers, my own bi-line for articles in SAG and AFTRA mags., short story writer, screenwriter, and now two books, I'm also a blue water sailor, been a carnival barker, wrestled an ape on exhibition, rode the rails as a hobo for the experience, rodeo clown, storyteller, stand-up comic, MC, electrician, power lineman, owned several companies, circus clown, over 20 years as a prof. actor; Stage, Film and Television, along with some other stuff I can't think of right now. As my good friend, Jimmy Stewart once said, It really is a Wonderful Life."

Jared McVay

Jared's Books:

The Legend of Joe, Willy and Red

Bears Bicycles and Broosticks

Hacker's Raid

Contact Jared:

Jared's Web Site

eMail Jared

Howard Loring

Howard Loring is a pen name.  Slight personal information is revealed.  Loring’s book jackets yield only that he “currently resides in the southeastern United States of America, on Planet Earth.”  Photos on the author’s Facebook Fan page depict the country and woods, beekeeping, and astronomy as among his interests. Artwork he created, in the form of concrete sculptures, is also posted.

The publisher’s website,, furnishes a book chapter read by the author.  Beyond this, there is little biographical information available.


HOWARD LORING is the author of two Science Fiction/Fantasy novels or so-called EPIC FABLES.  Beyond the Elastic Limit: An Epic Fable, originally published in 2010, was reissued in a Revised Edition in 2012 and Piercing the Elastic Limit: An Epic Fablewas also published in 2012, by PreCognitionPress.

Both works are concerned with the elastic limit, a term used in the books that deals with time distortion, as well as being a metaphor for the reader’s imagination.

Each novel has a strong historical content, sometimes biographical, providing exacting insights into differing time periods.


Loring’s books are epic fables, simple stories with universal implications.  The narrative is dialogue driven, sweeping in scope and action. 

Each book deals with time, but the plots are unconnected.  Both share similar language and employ the same technology -- a time-viewing machine.

Though technically defined as Science Fiction and/or Fantasy, Loring’s novels defy classification.  Both works embrace similar genres: mystery, detective tale, historical fiction, adventure saga and love story. 

Each novel possesses a dual literary nature. Both are fables, usually defined as simple tales conveying a moral, or moral lesson. As well, they are epics, larger stories that dwell on internal changes that lead to personal growth.

In Beyond the Elastic Limit: An Epic Fable, a time-viewing machine used by an advanced civilization malfunctions and time explodes, creating havoc.  Actions employed to rectify the situation force characters to explore larger issues.  This novel probes human values, multiple gods, social development and civil ethos.

Piercing the Elastic Limit: An Epic Fable,takes a mysterious “Old Man” through time using the machine.  He meets such historic figures as Julius Caesar, Christopher Marlow, Robert Schumann and others, in order to defeat foes that are deliberately distorting the flow of time.   This novel incorporates the theme of business and technology run amok, and how each can be misused for devious ends.






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